Welcome to BeSpotted Savannahs...

Welcome to BeSpotted...

Hello, my name is Vickie Ehrlekrona and I am the owner of BeSpotted Savannahs. I thank you for dropping by BeSpotted's website today. The beautiful Savannahs that grace the pages of this website are some of the best that money can buy, and as a result BeSpotted is able to produce lovely, wildly spotted Savannah kittens. Come tame your "wild side" with me and discover the Savannah, who's recent ancestors roamed deep in the wild African Savannah. Why should you dream of Africa when you can make it a reality with this exotic breed of cat!

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    Family: Felidaez
    Latin: Leptailurus Serval or Felis Serval
    Commmon: African Serval

    Weight: 30-40 pounds
    Head/Body: 32 inches
    Tail: 16 inches
    Subspecies: 14

    The name Serval is derived from a Portuguese word meaning "wolf-deer." The Servals are a small cat species that inhabits the jungles and the plains of Morocco, Algeria and South Africa and are bred domestically and raised as pets. African Servals are also known as the "poor mans cheetah". They are beautiful, large spotted cats that are very inquisitive and intelligent. Their basecoats are a buttery yellow to a light golden beige color, and their coats color can range from a very light wheat color to a rich golden red. There are also rarer melanistic (black) and albino colored Servals in the wild as well. Their spots vary in size and shape, but are solid black and very distinct. Servals are athletic, full of energy and playfulness. Mature adults fill out to be 20 to 40 pounds. They have lean, athletic bodies set atop long stilted legs designed for jumping and pouncing through tall grasses.

    Servals have large, deeply cupped, upright ears that sit high on the top of their heads and they are specifically designed for hearing even the smallest of prey move in the tall African grasses. They have a fat, short, hock length tail and clearly defined ocelli on the back of the large ears.

    In the wild the adult Serval males stand up to 20 inches at the shoulders and weigh around 40 pounds. The Serval is a secretive medium-sized cat, constantly searching for prey. Although not extremely powerful, the Serval takes advantage of its quickness and body weight. Servals are playful, inquisitive, intelligent, and affectionate although sometimes aloof. Raised properly, they can be very affectionate and sociable. The more attention and affection you give a Serval, the closer the Serval's bond will be with you.

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