BeSpotted is strictly a private breeding facility, and is NOT open to visitation by the general public. Our animals are used for breeding and we do not consider them exhibit animals in any way.

In order to breed exotics successfully a breeder must minimize disturbances and risks to them. The risk of exposure can be great to our adult cats and young kittens so we do our best to avoid unnecessarily exposing and stressing them or potentially disturbing their environment. To put it simply, our cats are just not use to seeing or being around public visitors and we do not want to ever risk exposing our otherwise healthy animals to anything that could unknowingly be brought in on a visitor's shoes or clothing.

On the rare occasion we do allow a visitor to come by it is strictly by appointment only and limited to serious clients only. To insure this, we require a non refundable deposit on an animal before you may visit. Thank you.

Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions. You can easily reach me at:
Vickie Ehrlekrona
BeSpotted Savannahs
Phone: 1(406)661-2300