Welcome to our home.....

We are located in South Eastern Montana on 20 irrigated acres of shade trees and alfalfa pastures just outside the city limits. This land has allowed us to pursue the various things that make us happy; for me it's my animals, and for my husband it is his ponds, roses and beautiful gardens. Our home is completely surrounded by wide open meadows with beautiful panoramic views and open horizons as far as the eye can see. From any direction our big beautiful blue skies never fail to put on anything less than spectacular shows. Beautiful majestic thunder clouds can been seen every summer, and the rainbow of colors with each sunset are magnificent to say the very least.

We are thankful each and every day that we have the privilege to live in such a beautiful area of Montana. It's our little piece of the heaven here on earth and we truly know just how fortunate we are to have the opportunity to live here. We want our surroundings to be peaceful, welcoming and enriching for our animals so we do our very best to house them in the best settings and conditions possible so that they remain happy and healthy. Our cattery is in different stages of development this year as we are expanding numerous areas in order to make more comfortable accommodations for our Savannahs and Serval. Most of the major renovations and building is done and all that is left to do is painting when the weather cools down some.

Our cattery is small, and we want to keep it that way. Our cattery consists of a pre-birthing room for expentant queens, a queen house, a stud house and a very large Serval house with enclosure. All of the areas are designed to give our cats the maximum in comfort while providing enriched stimulating surroundings so they are content, happy and healthy, with access to the sunny outdoors in good weather. BeSpotted takes great pride in the investment we have always had in the care and housing of our animals. They have only the best because they deserve the best!

We use the best animal husbandry possible by purposely keeping our numbers low so that every cat can be tended to several times a day, and that every room, area or pen can be cleaned daily to ensure healthy, happy kittens & Savannahs. We take great pride in the fact that our animals, dogs and cats, literally thrive here and the results are seen with their excellent health and attitudes. Our cats have huge individual pens to prevent overcrowded conditions, disease prevention, and to make for less stressful conditions for the cats. Our cats are vaccinated regularly, fed a high quality diet and are kept in clean, and sanitary conditions. And to ensure that all of our spotted babies get the best possible start in life they too are kept in a very clean environment, have warm nesting boxes in our home, and their plush bedding is changed daily.

All of the animal areas have huge windows that allow for lots of natural sunlight, and cross ventilation for daily fresh air. Each of the rooms have ample fixture lighting in order to brighten their areas on short, dark winter days. Our cats are content, healthy, stimulated and happy. Their pens and play areas are filled with cat trees, tunnels, ramps, ropes, shelving, soft, plush hammocks, and toys. Each of our cats are all allowed individual time out in our huge natural enclosure where they have time to explore, play, and get lots of fresh air and sunshine. As a result our cats and serval are healthy and happy and in return we get healthy and happy babies.

We believe in well socialized, well rounded kittens so all of our BeSpotted kittens are raised underfoot right on the main floor of our home. All expectant queens are brought in to our home about two weeks before delivery, and it is on the main floor of our home where she delivers and raises her babies. Our kittens are not raised in cages or in out buildings rather right in the main area of our home where they are exposed to people, activity and a loving nurturing environment. When they are old enough and vaccinated they are allowed out in to the enclosure to explore, run and play and as a result of all this socializing BeSpotted kittens become bullet proof, confident, and very well adjusted to being handled, crated, put in walking jackets, leashed trained, and familiar with children, all the different sounds and smells around them and from the safety of their enclosure they watch our dogs, horses, chickens, and goats!

Montana is a beautiful state to visit so if you want to visit a state that will take your breath away this would be it! If you're ever in the area by all means contact me to make arrangements to drop by. I'd love to have you visit. If you can't ever visit in person then I hope you enjoyed your cyberspace visit today. Please come back again soon! The eggs are always fresh, the coffee is always hot, and you are always welcome.

Thanks for stopping by....we loved your visit....please come back again soon!