Our lovely Savannahs.....

BeSpotted Savannahs
Titus Elizabeth

BeSpotted takes great pride in the lovely Savannahs that make up the core of our quality breeding program. With 30 years of breeding beautiful champion Papillons behind me I have always known, and believed that the strength of any breeding program is in the quality of it's females. Their quality sets the foundation of all great things to come. We like our Savannahs to be pleasing to the eye, with nice overall quality being a must, with elegant breed type our goal. The bottom line is BeSpotted insists that it's Savannahs be pretty and elegant and that is what BeSpotted believes quality is a necessity to make beautiful Savannah babies!!

In order to breed exotics successfully and to minimize disturbances so as not to stress our breeding animals BeSpotted is strictly a private breeding facility, and NOT open to visitation by the general public. As such, we must limit our visitors by appointment and to serious clients only. To insure this, we require a deposit on an animal before you may visit.