Travel, toys and walking jackets

Many Savannah owners enjoy their Savannah so much that they either decide to take them along on vacations or to cat shows. Traveling with your Savannah can be fun so long as you are prepared in advance. Please keep in mind that laws on Savannah ownership vary from state to state and county to county. Check our legal page for more information on this. Once you have checked into local laws and have the all clear, you will need to get a health certificate to fly your cat with you. This should be done within 10 days before your flight. If you are traveling by car pop up crates make a great choice as they are lightweight and provide your Savannah ample room to roam while you drive. You may also purchase pop up litter boxes and food bowls, further easing your luggage load. For more information on showing, visit our showing page.

As mentioned on other pages, Savannahs are harder on toys than your typical domestic. A great place to find appropriate toys and teasers as well as cat trees is These toys and other items are specifically created for Savannahs and we find them strong and long-lasting. also has some great toys that stand up to the beatings of a Savannah. Another option for toys are Nylabone toys. We trust these with our serval and are thus confidant that even the most determined Savannah would find it impossible to ruin them.

Walking jackets are great fun and we use them at cat shows and at home with our Savannahs. You can find some great jackets at Savannah-Rama shows and at

You can pick from many different patterns and materials. Once you have your jacket you need to train your cat to walk!

Initially you want to get your Savannah used to the jacket. Typically most cats will roll over and look at you as if you have lost your mind when you first dress them in their jacket. This is normal and is no cause for alarm. Let them wear the jacket for a little while and build up the time each day. Once he is used to the jacket, attach the leash and allow him to drag it around. Typically your Savannah will spend most of his time chasing it as it chases him. Eventually, however, he will begin to ignore its presence. At this point you can begin to hold the leash while following your Savannah as he walks around. Do not be discouraged if he chooses this time to take a nap. Eventually he will have to get up and eat! Over time, you can start to show your Savannah that he should follow you instead of vice versa.

Savannahs are incredibly intelligent. We have taught some of ours to sit, stay, shake and heel. Clicker training is another popular method You may find yourself interested in ICAT tournaments that occur at TICA cat shows. We have done ICAT with our serval. Zuzu Daddy enjoyed himself although we can't say he stunned us with his abiity to jump hoops (he was more interested in running off with them but he tried!). However you choose to do train your Savannah just remember, consistency and patience will yield you some tremendous results.

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