HEAD (40 points)
Shape3 points
Ears7 points
Eyes4 points
Chin7 points
Muzzle7 points
Profile5 points
Nose5 points
Neck2 points
BODY (40 points)
Torso 8 points
Legs8 points
Feet4 points
Tail4 points
Boning8 points
Musculature8 points
Texture8 points
Pattern8 points
Color4 points

CATEGORY: Traditional

DIVISIONS: Solid, Tabby and Silver/Shaded Division

COLORS: Black, Brown Spotted Tabby, Silver Spotted Tabby and Black Smoke ONLY

Shape: Broad, modified wedge with rounded contours. Longer than it is wide. When viewed from the front the face should form a distinctive triangle. The head is slightly smaller than in proportion to the body. In profile the nose is long but with a small chin and should add to the cats wild appearance.

Ears: Ears are large and alert with a wide base and slightly rounded tips. The tops of the ears are moderately hairy on the inside. The base of the ears should almost meet in the front center of the head.

Eyes: The eyes are somewhere between oval and almond shaped. The color should be a rich yellow, green, golden or caramel brown.

Neck: Thick and muscular as well as long.

Torso: Long and almost oriental but more massive. When viewed from the side the chest and flank form a long triangle. When viewed from the front the cat appears narrow due to the extreme length of legs, depth of body and length of neck.

Boning: Strong yet supple.

Musculature: Prominent yet smooth.

Legs: Strong and slender, yet sturdy. The feet are small with long toes.

Tail: Sturdy, thick and three-quarters the length of the average cat's tail. When the cat is at attention it should be, at times, curled up and back slightly over the rump.

Coat: Short to medium and dense, soft and luxurious.