How we raise our Savannahs

Two things make a cat/kittten: their genetics and their environment. When it comes to the latter, we work hard every day to ensure that your kitten is as social and loving a cat as possible.

As soon as a litter is born, we begin the process of socializing the babies. The kittens stay with Mom for the first 6-8 weeks. During the first few weeks they get to know us very well from frequent visits, weigh-ins and cuddling. Once they are 4 weeks of age they meet our older two children. At 6 weeks they meet the younger two. The children are allowed three 30 min play sessions (supervised) with the kittens every day. The children enjoy the time with the kittens and never grow weary of it. It enables us to socialize the kittens in a way that has proven very beneficial. Play time includes many toys and teasers. When the kittens are 8 weeks old they meet our dogs - at which point mad play typically ensues. The dogs are used to kittens in the house and we are blessed that they are both a little nervous and cautious with the kittens. Of course, the Savannah babies never seem to notice that they are 1/2 the size of the dogs muzzle and they all enjoy playing together.

The kittens are accustomed to being held, stroked, carried, loud noises, lots of giggling and children, the dogs, the parrots and through it all are loved and cared for by all of us in the best possible way. Furthermore, we feed our cats and kittens a diet of dry food and chicken, along with supplements (Taurine, L-lysine, Felidae T) required to ensure healthy growth and development. Please see "Raising a Savannah" for more information on our feeding program.

In short, we are committed to producing the sweetest and most socialized kittens we can. We are more than happy to answer questions and are here for our customers from the time their kitten is born until they are old and grey.

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