TICA Registration Papers

When a litter of Savannahs is born, your breeder will fill in a litter registration form (listing parents, number in the litter, sex, color and pattern) and send it to TICA. In return, TICA sends the breeder a set of "blue slips", one for each kitten. Your breeder will fill out appropriate sections of the slip (owners name, if the cat is for show or breeding, etc.) send it to you after kitten has been spayed or neutered.

We try to get the blue slips back from TICA in time to send them to you after kitten is spayed or neutered, unless sold as a breeder. However, if TICA takes longer than anticipated we will mail the blue slip as soon as we are in receipt.

When you receive your blue slip, getting your cat's registration papers is easy. Simply fill out your personal information and decide on your kittens name. TICA allows 35 characters (including spaces) and the first few will be taken up with the cattery name that the kitten originated from. For example, a blue slip for one of our kittens reads "Bespotted ______" so you have, essence, 26 letters to work with. Breeders who purchase our cats will have their cattery name at the end, further reducing the length of the cats name. Once you know this, you will know at a glance who bred a cat and who owns it if breeder owned). Bespotted NAME of "cattery who owns it".

Your blue slip is mailed to TICA when it is filled out, along with a small fee. In a few weeks you will receive your registration papers back. For more information on this process, you can visit TICA at www.tica.org

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