Legal Information

While Title 9 of federal code and the USDA define a domestic as any cross between a wild animal and a domestic, each state has its own laws concerning hybrids. Many states follow the USDA code and define savannahs as domestic cats. However, some states do not. In these states savannahs are either banned or require registration.

Furthermore, every county or city within a state can choose to list hybrids as dangerous wild animals. Local laws can not be more relaxed than state law but they can be more stringent. Some states and localities classify certain generations of hybrids as domestic, while others classify all generations as wild.

Please email if you have questions about your laws in your state and we will try to help you. Having served as Legislative Director for Hybridpride we have substantial background knowledge to help. You must also contact your local county or city animal control department to make sure your local laws do not forbid the ownership of a savannah.

If you need any assistance please email us and we will be happy to help. Please remember, if you find your local authorities classify savannahs as wild it is up to you to make changes. It is only by participating in changing these laws that we can make strides towards these cats being accepted as what they are - a domestic cat.

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