Online groups and forums

Once you have your kitten at home with you, you may wish to actively participate in the Savannah community. Several yahoo groups are available that you may enjoy:

Savannah Chatter: This group is VERY high volume and is composed of primarily pet owners and some breeders. Photos are very welcome but be prepared for a full inbox.

Savannah Pet Group: Less volume than the Chatters, this group is also made up of pet owners and some breeders. If you want to correspond with other pet owners but cannot check your email a few times a day this is the group for you! You can find them at

Savannah Breed Section: This list is open to all breeders and pet owners who are TICA members in good standing. When you send your blue slip into TICA, you may also send in a nominal membership fee and join TICA. When you join TICA you select the breed(s) you wish to be involved with. All breed decisions are made within this group. Discussions run the gamut from genetics to breed standard. If you wish to be involved in breed development, this is the place to be.

Other groups are also available for those who wish to be involved in showing,TICA or discussing hybrid cats, to name a few. A simple search in Yahoo groups will result in several choices. TICA also offers lists to keep you appraised of shows in your area as well as general TICA affairs, cat clubs, legislative issues and more

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