Feeding, Supplements and cat litter

All our cats and kittens free feed on a high quality dry food (Royal Canin) and have continual access to fresh water 24/7. We also feed all our cats the following diet once a day:

Fine ground chicken (including bones)

Quick cook oatmeal

V8 vegetable juice (veggies are great for them and the tomato kills the taste of the supplements)

Oasis Felidae T (www.apperon.com)

Primal Cal (www.apperon.com)

L-Lysine powder (a myriad of health websites sell Lysine, we dose 250mg/day kitten and 500 mg/day cat)

L-Lysine is an essential amino acid that we have found drastically reduces the incidence of URI and other common cattery illnesses. In fact, since we added L-Lysine we have not experienced a single case of URI.

Savannahs grow for three years. The majority of the growth occurs in the first year and can be very rapid, particularly between 8-12 months. We feel it is essential to provide the highest quality diet possible to maximize health and well being.

There are many options available when it comes to selecting a litter for your cat. As a rule, most Savannahs (like the serval) do not like to cover. This being the case, you will find it essential to select a litter that keeps odor to a minimum. It goes without saying that scooping litter at least twice a day is only fair to your pet.

Bespotted uses wood pellets for kittens and Fresh Step clay litter for the older cats.

Wood pellets are safe for our kittens as it is all natural (there are always concerns that kittens will ingest litter). We have found that some clumping litters can stick to paws and upon cleaning themselves, the kittens can inadvertently ingest clumps causing potential blockage.

However we do find that the clay litter keeps odor to a minimum, more so than the pellets, is easy to clean up and is reasonably priced. The wood pellets we can burn the waste.

Another issue with Savannahs due to their size, is finding a litter box to accommodate your adult. We suggest, when the time comes (your kitten will need a box it can get into easily), purchasing a large storage container (35-50 gal). You can cut down the side, cut a hole and leave the top on, or simply leave the box as is. Adult Savannahs will happily leap in and out of the box, minimizing mess and accommodating his or her size.

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