Gender and Generation

Since lower generation Savannah males (F1 - F4) are infertile, most pet owners opt to purchase a male cat. Most females are sold as breeders and, as such, command a higher price. However, a good breeder will not sell a female as a breeder simply because it is a female. Therefore, you sometimes have the option of purchasing a female Savannah as a pet. As a rule, females tend to be smaller than the male counterparts which is another reason most pet owners choose a male Savannah. However, clients who already own a spayed female pet are often more comfortable adding another female to the household.

Generational decisions should be made taking into consideration your household and lifestyle. The earlier generation Savannahs are larger cats more closely related to the serval. As such they jump higher, play harder and rule the roost . These cats have wilder tendencies, which is not to say that they are not sweet and loving. However, in a household with young children or where children are planned, an F1 may not be a wise decision. Its rather like having a permanent 2 year old in the home!

I am always asked about the size and potential weight of kittens once fully grown. Other than comparing a kitten to previous littermates, it is virtually impossible to hazard a guess. While F1's are typically the largest Savannahs, I have owned an F2 that was larger than any F1 I have met. Some F3's can attain the size of an F1. The decision to purchase a Savannah should not be made because of size only. Even if your kitten of choice is smaller as an adult than you expected, he or she will more than make it up with personality. They will share all the traits that make Savannahs so special - water play, fetch, leaping high, and following you around like a dog would.

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